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Obtaining a residence permit based on family ties

If a family member lives in Finland and you want to move in with him or her, you will need a residence permit based on family ties. In terms of the number of approved decisions, this method ranks second after employment. Thus, in 2021 there were 13,764 applications for a family residence permit, and 9,821 were approved. Thus, more than 70% of requests are approved.

A family member living in Finland is called a family reunifier. The family reunifier cannot apply for a residence permit on your behalf, but you must apply for it yourself. However, the reuniting person still needs to complete your application package with one application on his/her own behalf.

Family members of a Finnish citizen or a foreigner from a third country are considered to be family members in Finland:

  • spouse
  • registered partner
  • guardian of a child under 18
  • roommate partner
  • baby

If you received a residence permit on the basis of family ties, you are not restricted in any way in your right to work and study in Finland. You can both work and study.

In most cases, you or a family member living in Finland must have sufficient financial resources to obtain a residence permit on a family basis. This means that you must have enough money for you and your family to live in Finland. If you are reuniting with a Finnish citizen, you do not need to prove your income. You can ask our specialists about specific income requirements.

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Our experts will study your family ties and specific situation, and tell you point by point which method of obtaining a residence permit is best suited, based on these criteria.

It is not easy to apply for a family residence permit on your own. It is necessary to know the requirements for registration and sufficient financial support for each of the categories of relatives. It is best to contact a competent YouLAF OY lawyer. Thus, you will avoid unnecessary rejection in the case of incorrectly submitted documents. We prepare a complete package of documents for a family residence permit, taking into account all the nuances.