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Help with buying a home in Finland

Buying a home in Finland can be a good investment. We help you to invest your capital in Finnish real estate so that you can earn income from its rental in the future. The annual return on a long-term rental apartment in Finland is about 4% (before tax).

In addition, we can also act as a management company, helping to maintain the property if necessary (for example, to look after it in your absence).

It is important to remember that buying several properties at once and renting them out as apartments gives you the right to obtain a business visa. Short-term (daily) rentals allow you to earn about 30-40% more than long-term rentals.

An interesting statistic was published by AirDNA, the world's leading provider of data on the short-term rental market. Experts analyze offers on the platforms Airbnb and HomeAway and compare locations by demand, profitability and seasonality. According to their estimates, Finnish Vantaa (Greater Helsinki Region) is one of the top 15 places in Europe for investment in rental real estate.