Assistance in obtaining refugee status with Y.L.A.F experts

Immigration for refugees in Finland

Obtaining refugee status in Finland is not as easy as it may seem. The Finnish authorities need to make sure that you have really good reasons for fearing for your life in your home country. Our specialists will examine your situation and provide you with comprehensive information about your chances of being granted asylum in Finland.

We help you to prepare a complete package of documents of the asylum seeker and go through the whole process of registration through the various instances together with you. We guarantee that you will not be left alone in a foreign country.

You can be granted asylum in Finland if you have good reason to fear persecution in your home country or your country of residence on the basis of:

  • origins
  • religions
  • nationalities
  • belonging to a particular social group
  • political views

The Finnish Immigration Service will assess whether you have grounds for asylum. The criteria for granting asylum are clearly defined by law and international agreements. Each case is considered on a case-by-case basis.

An asylum seeker has the right to work in Finland without a residence permit three months after his or her application for asylum if he or she has a valid travel document entitling him or her to cross the border.

The review of asylum applications cannot exceed six months.