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Residence permit on the basis of employment

According to the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri), employment in Finland was the most frequent reason for a positive decision to issue a residence permit in 2021. This is not surprising. After all, Suomi has long felt a shortage of skilled workers. The authorities are striving to increase the country's attractiveness to foreigners.

How do you know if you are needed in Finland? To begin with, you need to decide which of the following categories you qualify for. Each of them has its own procedure for preparing the necessary documents and the application process.

Working Person (TTOL)

Example: cooks, nurses, cleaners, restaurant workers.

You can apply for a residence permit under this category if you have an employment contract or a job offer from a Finnish employer. But this category requires a preliminary labor market assessment by the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office). There is a chance only if it is determined that no local worker can be hired for a similar vacancy.

In 2021, of the 11,428 primary residence permits issued based on employment, just over 50% of the affirmative decisions were related to the working person category (TTOL).

Highly skilled specialist

Example: IT-specialists, specialists with higher education in their specialty, such as engineers, doctors, teachers, economists, chemists, environmentalists, energy specialists.

You can apply for a residence permit under this category if you have an employment contract or a job offer from a Finnish employer. It is also usually required that you have a higher education. In addition, your monthly income for the duration of the residence permit must be at least €3,000.

In 2021, Finland issued 1,293 residence permits to highly qualified specialists. Interestingly, the leader in this category among all nationalities are Russians.

Seasonal worker

Example: garden berry pickers, livestock care assistants, fur farm workers, forestry workers, restaurant workers if the company's business is seasonal, guides, mountain ski instructors.

You can apply for a residence permit under this category if the seasonal work you do is between three and nine months. You must also have an employment contract.

In 2021, 15,892 seasonal workers in Finland received a positive decision.

Au Pair

You can get a residence permit in Finland if you intend to come to Finland to work as a domestic helper. The Au Pair program is intended to give a young person (between 17 and 30 years of age) the opportunity to get to know the Finnish language and culture in exchange for light domestic work of not more than 25 hours per week. You can live in Finland as an Au Pair for a maximum of one year.

In addition to the age requirement (17-30 years), there are other conditions. For example, you must prove that you have not previously worked in a similar program in Finland or any other country. You must have a basic knowledge of the Finnish or Swedish language and culture. You must not be a close relative of a member of the host family. You must also have health insurance for the duration of your stay in Finland and a certificate of good health. Finally, you must submit a written agreement with your host family.

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YouLAF OY is a holding company with two separate lines of business - law and recruiting. Our recruiting company, headed by a separate founder, helps applicants to find an employer in Finland and prepare a full package of documents for a work permit in all possible categories (working person, specialist, seasonal worker or Au Pair).

We also help companies in Finland to obtain work visas for employees and accompany the entire process to obtain a residence permit by specialists from third countries.

An employment relationship in Finland involves many rules, both on the part of the employee and the employer. Our lawyers are experienced in resolving employment disputes, such as employment contracts, wages and working hours.

A contract of employment with your employer is a requirement of employment in Finland. The employment contract will agree on job duties and wages, as well as other benefits and conditions of employment. Our specialists will help you prepare an employment contract as soon as possible.

A negative decision is not a verdict. We can appeal the verdict of the Immigration Service, the labor exchange, KELA (social security), and other government agencies.

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